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Soups And Salads
Poultry, Meat, And Mix Seafood. Serve With A Choice Of Jasmine Or Coconut Rice – $1 Extra
S1. Aguadito – chicken soup with cilantro and rice 8
S2. Chupe De Camarones – creamy shrimp soup 10
S3. Parihuela – seafood, tomato and peruvian spice soup 10
S5. House Salad – lettuce, mesclun, carrots, radish, tomatoes and grill marinated chicken breast with house dressing 10
S6. Tacu Tacu Salad – mesclun, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and avocado with vinaigrette 8
S7. Mango Tango Salad – fresh mango with mixed greens and chili-lime dressing (chicken or shrimp) 10
From The Ceviche Bar
South American Style Of Marrying Raw Fresh Seafood In Citrus Juice And Spices
C1. Ceviche De Camarones – shrimp, cilantro and spices 12
C2. Ceviche Pescado – tilapia, cilantro, fruit and peruvian spices 16
C3. Ceviche Viagra – shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels and peruvian spices 18
C4. Ceviche Tacu Tacu – all in one platter, shrimp, red snapper, squid, octopus, mussels, clams, crabmeat, yuca, yam and corn 19
C5. Ceviche De Choros – mussels covered in criolla ceviche sauce & corn 12
Seafood Appetizers
A1. Calamari A La Plancha – grilled whole baby squid in a chimichurri sauce 12
A2. Chicharone De Calamari – battered squid with peruvian criolla sauce and fried yuca 12
A3. Palta Rellena – avocado stuffed with seafood in a peruvian mayonnaise sauce 9
A4. Pulpo Al Olivo – octopus served in a peruvian olive sauce 12
A5. Corn Flakes Crab Cakes – two crab cakes with mesclun salad 11
A6. Brocheta – grilled scallop, shrimp, pepper and onion on skewer in a special sauce with potato 10
Peruvian Appetizers
A8. Tamales – corn tamales with chicken or pork 8
A10. Papa Rellena – potato stuffed with beef mixed vegetables and raisin 9
A11. Empanadas – chicken of pork chili turnover with anchiote jalapeno pepper 9
South East Asian Starter
1. Vietnamese Crispy Spring Roll – shrimp, pork, vermicelli, mushroom, carrot, taro with dipping sauce 8
2. Vegetarian Crispy Spring Roll – vermicelli, mushroom, carrots, cabbage with dipping sauce 8
3. Malaysian Satay (Chicken Or Beef) – marinated in curry, ginger, garlic with dipping sauce 9
4. Chicken Soothing Lettuce Wrap – sautéed spiced minced chicken served with fresh lettuce 9
5. Zen Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap – wok-seared tofu, red onion, water chestnut served with crispy lettuce 8
6. Roti Canai – malaysia-indian style fluffy bread with curry dip 5
7. Angel Wing – buffalo wings, tacu tacu style 8
8. Vegetarian Dumpling – steamed or fried 8
9. Saigon Dumpling – steamed or fried 8
10. Rocket Shrimp – golden fried crispy shrimp with minced pork served with sweet chili sauce 9
11. Pu Pu Platter – chef’s combination of assorted appetizers included vietnamese spring rolls, chicken and beef satay, angel wings, fried calamari and corn on the cob (for2) – 15.00
For Additional Person 5
Noodles And Fried Rice
N1. Mi Xao Don (Chicken And Shrimp Or Vegetarian) – crispy pan-fried egg noodles topped with gravy sauce and mixed vegetables 16
N2. Singapore’s Rice Noodles – angel hair noodles sautéed in curry flavor with chicken and shrimp 14
N3. Bangkok Pad Thai – stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, bean sprout, water spinach, egg and crushed peanut 14
N4. Malaysian-Indian Mee Goreng (Chicken, Beef, Tofu, Shrimp) – stir-fried egg noodles with indian spices and sauce 14
N5. Naughty Noodles – broad rice noodles swimming in malaysian peanuts sauce with bean sprout and cucumber 14
N6. Fun In Black – chow fun noodles stir-fried in black soy sauce with shrimp, squid, bean sprout and chive 14
N7. House Fried Rice – classic fried rice with chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables 15
N10. Phuket Pineapple Fried Rice – chicken, beef, tofu, or shrimp 15
Poultry Meat, And Mix Seafood. Served With A Choice Of Jasmine Or Coconut Rice – $1 Extra
E1. String Bean And Basil Chicken – asian basil stir-fried with chicken, string bean and onion 14
E2. Lemongrass Chicken Or Beef – stir-fried with bell pepper, onion and lemongrass 14
E3. Pineapple Sampan (Chicken Or Beef) – lightly dusted, stir-fried in a sweet citron sauce 15
E4. Malaysian Curry (Vegetarian Or Chicken) – nyonya traditional spices in a lemongrass, coconut milk curry 14
E5. Chicken Tso – crispy fried chicken slices tossed in a sweet vinaigrette sauce surrounded by broccoli 16
E6. Champagne Duck – half crispy duck with chef’s champagne apple sauce 21
E7. Dusit Thai Duck – half crispy duck with thai yellow and red curry sauce 21
E8. Kung Pao (Scallop, Shrimp Or Chicken) – scallop, shrimp or chicken, stir-fried with peanut and dried chili pepper 14
E9. Basket Cashew (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp Or Vegetable) – stir-fried mixed vegetables with cashew nuts in a crispy pastry basket 14
E10. Mango Chicken Or Beef – stir-fried with green and red peppers, onion and basil leaves in a sweet chili sauce 15
E11. Saigon Pork Chop – char grilled pork chop marinated in lemongrass, honey, and garlic lemon juice served with small salad 15
E12. Cha Cha Cha – mussels, shrimp, scallops and squid with mango, pineapple in a sweet chili sauce on a sizzling platter 18
E13. Cube Steak Saigon – NY strip steak cut into cubes, marinated in a soy glaze served on a sizzling platter 24
Fish Entree
Served With A Choice Of Jasmine Or Coconut Rice
F1. Sizzling Salmon – wok seared salmon topped with mushrooms, basil, mint leaves and ginger in a brown sauce 17
F2. Salmon Saigon – fillet of salmon pan-roasted and simmered in an iron pot with saigon favorite caramel sauce 17
F3. Flaming Snapper – fillet of red snapper braised with special brown sauce and served in a flaming foil 19
F4. Singapore Red Snapper – pan-roasted fillet of red snapper in a soy garlic ginger sauce 19
Pollo Y Carne
Chicken And Meat
P1. Milanesa De Pollo – fried breaded chicken breast with creamy parmesan sauce, served with yellow rice and vegetables 14
P2. Lomo Saltado (Chicken Or Beef) – peruvian stir-fried chicken or beef with tomato, onions, potatoes and spices, served with rice 16
P3. Chicharron – roasted pork marinated with panca hot pepper, served with cilantro rice and yam 17
P4. Chicken Rolanda – chicken breast toll stuffed with onion, asparagus, shitake mushroom, carrot and goat cheese, served with spinach mash potato and huncaine sauce 17
P5. Entrana Parilla – grilled peruvian skirt steak served with fried yucca and chimichurri sauce 25
P6. Churrasco Tacu Tacu – grilled peruvian sirloin steak served with french fries and chimichurri sauce 25
Seafood Dishes
M1. Pescado A La Macho – baked white fish topped with mixed seafood in a creamy aji panca sauce served with white rice 20
M2. Casa Jalea – battered tilapia fillet, shrimp, squid and scallop served with criolla sauce and fried yuca 18
M3. Cau Cau De Marisco – mixed seafood cooked with mint and potato accompanied with green rice 18
M4. Trucha A La Plancha – skillet roasted rainbow trout topped with chopped vegetables and shrimp in garlic lemon sauce 21
M5. Paella Valenciana – scallop, shrimp, clams, mussels, squids and chicken sautéed with latin spices and cooked in saffron rice 20
M6. Burrito Mixto (Mixed Seafood Or Chicken) – mixed seafood or chicken, wrapped in flour tortilla served with tacu tacu risotto 14
M7. Tacu Tacu De Pescado – fillet white fish crusted with sweet potato flakes, served with tacu tacu risotto 17
M8. Camarones Al Ajillo – shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce 16
M9. Arroz Chaufa (Shrimp, Chicken, Or Beef) – sautéed shrimp, chicken or beef with chopped vegetables in achiote sauce and rice 15
M10. Salmon Morado – salmon over peruvian mash potato served with an orange, asparagus, tomato broth 18
Combination Dishes
All Combination Dishes Comes With One Side Dish
C1. Pollo A La Brasa – half peruvian rotisserie chicken marinated in authentic spices and slow roasted in rotisserie pit half 10.00
C2. Chicken & Spicy Sausage – half chicken and spicy sausage with mesclun salad 15
C3. Chicken & Skirt Steak – half chicken and grilled skirt steak with mesclun salad 20
C4. Chicken & Fish – half chicken and pan-seared white fish with mesclun salad 16
C5. Fish & Skirt Steak – pan-seared white fish and grilled skirt steak with mesclun salad 21
Side Dishes $4
Papa Fritas – french fries
Steamed Vegetables
Maduros – fried sweet plantains
Arroz Con Frijoles – rice and beans
Yuca Fritas – fried yucca
Mash Potato – green or purple

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